Make Florida Divorce Mediation Work for You

Many people believe getting a divorce means they will have to go to war and air their problems in open court, but this is just not true.  Florida divorce mediation can help you avoid a long, drawn out court battle that no one wins.

Some people also have misconceptions about mediation.  Most couples will benefit from mediating their divorce, instead of heading straight to court.

“Discourage litigation.  Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser—in fees, expenses, and waste of time.” – Abraham Lincoln

Florida divorce mediation is a more simple and less costly path.

Kathryn Huffer specializes in Florida divorce mediation. She will help you navigate the issues of divorce and alleviate some of the pressure.  You can find the solutions that work for your family. Florida divorce mediation helps you lessen or avoid some of the damage of divorce. You can lessen financial loss and avoid months or years in a fight neither of you wins.The financial cost of divorce can be thousands of dollars in legal fees. Florida divorce mediation can result in better outcomes for your children as well. Florida divorce mediation allows you to make family decisions, rather than putting that power in the hands of a judge in court.

In Florida divorce mediation you work with a neutral third party.

A mediator is a neutral person who does not take sides. They can help you and your spouse find your way through the maze of divorce. The mediation process can help you overcome obstacles and communicate with your spouse. The mediator will help you identify the issues you need to resolve for your divorce. The divorce mediation process lets you reach your own decision of what is best for you and your family. Why leave family decisions to a court?

If you want a faster, more simple, less expensive way to get through your divorce, you should mediate not litigate! Get started now. Contact us by phone or email.

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